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5 Reasons Why Laser Targets Are the Future of Shooting Practice

5 Reasons Why Laser Targets Are the Future of Shooting Practice

Technological advancements constantly change different aspects of our lives, including shooting practice. Traditionally, live fire practice was the only way to master shooting.

However, recently, laser target training has become a popular form of shooting practice and understandably so. It is cost-effective, efficient, and engaging and can be used to master a wide range of shooting techniques, among other advantages.

In this article, we explore 5 compelling reasons why laser systems are the future of shooting practice.

1. Cost-Effective

Laser targets are more cost-effective than traditional shooting practice in various ways. First, they eliminate live ammunition costs. Live ammunition can be quite expensive, especially when you are practicing regularly.

Secondly, live fire training requires that you practice in shooting ranges. With laser targets, you can practice in your home or any other suitable location, eliminating shooting range fees.

As such, you do not have to worry about paying more for extended training sessions. You do not worry about range availability, ammunition supply, or operating hours. Therefore, you can put as much time as you want towards your training to develop muscle memory, proficiency, and speed.

Laser target systems are also cost-effective because they require minimal maintenance compared to firearms. They do not require regular cleaning, lubrication, or parts replacement yet they remain functional and reliable over time. They can be used repeatedly without degradation. Besides, some are upgradeable, so you do not need to buy a new system to access new features.

2. Safe

Laser targets eliminate the risk of live ammunition-related accidents, injuries, and damages. You do not have to worry about accidentally shooting yourself or someone else or bullets penetrating walls and causing property damage.

Instead, laser targets emit low-power, non-lethal laser beams safe for human exposure. The targets are designed to emit and disperse the beam in a controlled manner to prevent exposure outside the shooting zone.

Furthermore, most laser target training systems incorporate safety features such as beam modulation, automatic shut-off mechanisms, and safety interlocks, ensuring the beam is only activated when used. The laser targets comply with safety regulations and standards for lasers designed specifically for training purposes. That said, you should consider wearing eye protection and observe safety measures.

Laser targets are eco-friendly and align with global environmental sustainability goals. They have reduced environmental impact compared to traditional shooting practices. Since they do not use live ammunition, lead pollution in the environment is reduced due to spent cartridges. There is also no noise pollution and reduced air pollution.

3. Convenient

With laser targets, you can train anytime, anywhere, for however long you like. You can use laser targets for practice even in limited indoor spaces. It is a suitable option if you live in an urban area with limited indoor space. Laser targets are portable and easy to set up. They are lightweight and compact for effortless transportation and setup. This makes them convenient for training in different locations.

4. Versatile

Laser targets can be used for a wide range of training needs. They can be used by both beginners and experienced shooters. Beginners can use them to develop fundamental shooting skills without worrying about recoil management and live ammunition noise. On the other hand, laser target training can help experienced shooters refine or advance specific skills or drills.

Laser target systems have multiple users or players capability. If you train with others, you can take turns using the laser target, as switching between modes and training settings is easy. You can also conduct simulated training that involves multiple participants.

Laser target apps offer a variety of training modes. Examples of training modes include timed drills, multiple targets, moving targets, static targets, etc. Ultimately, laser target training is effective for improving muscle memory, speed, agility, decision-making, trigger control, accuracy, sight acquisition, etc.

They also offer interactive training. You can simulate various real-life shooting scenarios, whether you are practicing self-defense techniques or competitive shooting. They can be customized to suit different training needs and skill levels. Most have adjustable settings such as movement patterns, difficulty levels, target speed, etc.

5. Data Tracking and Analysis

Laser targets have data tracking and analysis features that offer valuable insights into your shooting performance. As such, you can track your progress, identify areas of improvement, and focus on them to improve your performance.

For example, you can track and analyze aspects such as shot placement, speed, and timing. Laser targets accurately record where the laser beam hits, enabling you to make adjustments and improve your shooting technique.

You can also measure and record the time it takes to target and hit your shots, which enables you to track your speed and reaction times. You can also set specific goals and track your progress towards their accomplishment.

Most laser target shooting practice systems have a scoring mechanism that assigns points or rates your performance. Your score can be based on shot accuracy, speed, target size, target distance, etc.

Some systems have a big data storage capacity, enabling you to collect data over a long time and compare your performance and progress. Some systems also offer real-time coaching.


Laser targets will become a game-changer as the shooting world embraces technological advancements. They will revolutionize the way that shooters of all levels improve their skills.

Strikeman's laser targets offer unmatched convenience, versatility, accuracy, and safety. Laser targets will continue to evolve to make shooting practice more immersive and interactive. Therefore, incorporate laser targets in your shooting practice to unleash your full potential as a marksman, whether you are a novice or a seasoned shooter.

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