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Strikeman x SIRT Dry-Fire Laser Training Pistol


Need A Target?



Welcome to a training experience that combines longevity, precision, and adaptability. Crafted in the USA as a collaboration with SIRT, the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol is a safe, effective, and innovative tool designed to enhance shooting accuracy. It complements live fire training without replacing it, incorporating patent-pending technologies to address cost and liability concerns.

Created by shooters for shooters, this training pistol boasts a durable polymer slide for realistic handling. The power-efficient design ensures a staggering 80,000 trigger pulls on a single battery, while the pistol itself is engineered for a minimum of 600,000 pulls, easily surpassing 1 million. The red laser enhances training precision, and with an adjustable trigger break weight, replaceable sights, and an accessory rail, customization is at your fingertips. The fixed weighted frame provides stability, and the CR2 replaceable battery ensures continuous readiness. 

Practice Your Shot

Mastering the learned skill of assessing the situation, acquiring a target, drawing from under the jacket, and taking the shot requires training. Enhance your situational awareness by practicing in the privacy of your own home.

Safety First

Safeguard your kids from accidents with the SIRT, a perfect educational tool for firearm safety. It provides you and your loved ones the opportunity to train and make mistakes without repercussion.

Available Only At Strikeman

Exclusively at Strikeman, the SIRT Training Pistol offers high-volume self-diagnostic training without setup, ensuring safe and sustainable practice.


Improves Shooting Accuracy.
Saves You Money on Ammo.
Safe, Non-Damaging & Quiet.

What's Included?

(1) Strikeman x SIRT PPT
(1) Instruction Manual

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  • Strikeman Target Dark

    Improves Shooting Accuracy

    With Strikeman, your aim will get better, faster. Customers report a dramatic increase in shooting accuracy within only 2 weeks.

  • Strikeman Piggy Bank Dark

    Saves You Money

    Say goodbye to range fees and expensive target ammo. Practice shooting as much as you like without breaking the bank.

  • Strikeman Shield Dark

    Safe, Non-Damaging & Quiet

    Our laser cartridge is safe for your firearm, performing like a blank that makes no sound when you fire. Practice at home!


The power-efficient design ensures a staggering 80,000 trigger pulls on a single battery, while the pistol itself is engineered for a minimum of 600,000 pulls, easily surpassing 1 million.


Crafted from premium materials, this durable case ensures your laser-training pistol stays secure. Featuring the Strikeman & SIRT logo embossed on the front, it's a stylish and practical solution for transporting your training pistol safely.


Available on the Apple Store and Google Play store, our smartphone app records laser strikes from the Strikeman laser bullet on the Strikeman target, while giving you real time feedback of your shot accuracy. Check out the History section to see your shot accuracy improvements over time, your average shot score distribution, and other key metrics.

45 Day Guarantee

45-Day Guarantee

The Strikeman Training System is guaranteed to improve your shot accuracy, or your money back. Try it risk-free for 45-days!

Throughout the years, the military has used dry-training to improve their soldiers shooting skills. Until now, affordable dry-fire training was limited in the market. Strikeman has finally made dry-fire training affordable and effective for all Americans.

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Strikeman x SIRT Dry-Fire Laser Training Pistol

Strikeman x SIRT Dry-Fire Laser Training Pistol



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