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Strikeman Laser Boresight

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Stop wasting time, money, and ammo sighting in your optic. Skip the frustration and get your first shot on paper, guaranteed.

Getting a new optic is cause for excitement, but sighting it in can be a pain. Don't waste shot after shot while adjusting tiny windage and elevation knobs click by click.  Strikeman's new line of highly-accurate, easy-to-use boresights are designed to get you on paper right away, leaving just a quick final adjustment to get perfectly dialed in. With a powerful, bright laser designed to be visible in all conditions, our boresights are equally at home in all conditions.

Featuring advanced laser technology, our boresight is crafted to fit a wide-range of calibers, making it a versatile tool for shooters of all disciplines. Simply insert the boresight into your firearm's chamber, and watch as the laser projects a straight, bright beam onto your target. Effortlessly align your sights based on the laser's position, and you'll be locked in and ready to hit your mark with confidence.

Have you tried sighting in your optic with our standard laser cartridges and noticed that the laser doesn't remain on when checking for accuracy and adjustments? Using our standard cartridges would require you to pull the trigger many times during a sighting in process, which is less accurate and takes more time than using our dedicated boresights which have the laser remain on during the entire sighting in process.

  • Caliber-specific design for best results
  • Guaranteed accurate (first shot on paper)
  • Hand-calibrated at the factory for consistency and accuracy
  • Batteries included
  • Brass construction won’t damage your weapon
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


Caliber-specific boresight design for best results.
Guaranteed accurate.
Makes sighting in your optic a breeze.
Hand-calibrated at the factory for consistency and accuracy.
Batteries included.
Brass construction won’t damage your weapon.
1-year manufacturer warranty.

What's Included?

1 X Strikeman Laser Bore Sight
2 X Strikeman Button Cell Batteries


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45-Day Guarantee

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Throughout the years, the military has used dry-training to improve their soldiers shooting skills. Until now, affordable dry-fire training was limited in the market. Strikeman has finally made dry-fire training affordable and effective for all Americans.

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Strikeman Laser Boresight 9mm | Strikeman Dry-Fire Training Systems

Strikeman Laser Boresight

$39.99 $59.99


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