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What Is A Laser Boresight?

What Is A Laser Bore Sight?

Are you tired of wasting time and ammo trying to sight in your firearm? Let us introduce you to the laser boresight. This handy tool is a must-have for any gun enthusiast, law enforcement officer, or military personnel. In this blog post, we will dive into everything you need to know about laser boresights.

From understanding the science behind it to how it works, we have got you covered. We will also highlight the benefits of using a laser boresight for firearms and compare it with traditional sighting methods so that you can make an informed decision. So sit back, relax, and read on to become an expert on laser boresighting.

Understanding Laser Boresight

Laser boresighting, widely used among shooters, is a method employed to align the reticle of a firearm's optic with the bore of the barrel. By doing so, it aids in achieving accuracy and consistency in shots. As shooters strive to zero their rifles, using a laser boresighter proves advantageous, eliminating the need for extensive time and ammunition.

The process involves inserting the laser boresighter into the muzzle of the gun barrel. Once activated, a laser beam is emitted, aligning itself with the bore and providing a reference point for making necessary adjustments. This collimator-generated laser dot assists in achieving precision at a particular distance.

Including crosshairs and a projected laser dot helps shooters visualize and adjust according to their requirements. Carving a path through traditional sighting methods, laser boresights have become an effective tool to enhance firearm training.

The Science Behind Laser Boresighting

Laser boresighting is a technique that utilizes a laser diode to project a laser dot onto a target. This laser dot represents the point of impact of the firearm, allowing shooters to align their optics for precision shooting. To achieve this, a laser diode is mounted within a boresighter, which is then inserted into the muzzle of the gun barrel. The laser dot appears in the same position as the boresighter, relative to the firearm's bore.

By aligning the laser dot with the desired target, shooters can make accurate adjustments to their optics. This process eliminates trial and error by providing a visual reference for zeroing in on the target. Additionally, it saves both time and ammunition during the zeroing process. Using a laser boresight provides a convenient and efficient method for achieving accurate and consistent shots.

How Does a Laser Boresight Work?

Laser boresights work by projecting a laser dot onto a target, serving as a reference point for aligning the firearm's optic. Shooters can adjust windage and elevation settings based on the laser dot's position. Some models offer interchangeable arbors for different calibers, making it versatile for various firearms.

The Role of Laser Boresight in Firearm Training

Laser boresights play a crucial role in firearm training, providing valuable tools for beginners to grasp the essential concepts of aiming and zeroing. With laser boresights, shooters can practice their shooting technique without needing live ammunition, allowing for a safer and more cost-effective training experience.

These devices enhance shooting proficiency by improving sight alignment and trigger control, helping shooters achieve greater accuracy. Also, firearm instructors frequently utilize laser boresights to teach proper sight pictures and sight alignment, ensuring that students develop the necessary skills for precision shooting. Shooters can refine their abilities and become more confident marksmen by incorporating laser boresights into their training regimen.

Benefits of Using Laser Boresight for Firearms

Using a laser boresight for firearms offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides a quick and easy way to zero your firearms. By projecting a laser dot onto a target or surface, you can align your firearm's optic without requiring extensive live-fire ammunition. This saves time and reduces costs by minimizing the number of shots required to zero. Laser boresights are also portable and can be used in various shooting environments, making them highly convenient.Β 

Comparing Laser Boresight with Traditional Sighting Methods

Laser boresights offer a more efficient and accurate boresighting method than traditional iron sights. By eliminating human error in aligning the sight picture, laser boresights provide a visual reference that is easier to align. Unlike traditional sighting methods that require shooters to adjust the optic or iron sights physically, laser boresights offer a quicker and more precise solution.

The projected laser dot acts as a virtual crosshair, allowing shooters to adjust their aim without manipulating the gun barrel or cartridge. This not only improves shooting accuracy but also reduces the time spent on zeroing. In essence, laser boresights revolutionize sighting by providing a superior alternative to traditional methods.

Why choose Strikeman's Laser Boresight?

Strikeman's Laser Boresight stands out as a reliable and accurate boresighting solution. Its versatility allows it to fit various firearm calibers, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting use. With consistent laser emission for precise alignment, choosing Strikeman's guarantees a quality boresighting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Laser Boresight?

A laser boresight is a device that aligns firearm sights with the barrel. By projecting a laser beam, it shows where the bullet would hit when fired. This tool is beneficial for sighting in rifles and handguns without wasting ammunition, and it comes in various sizes to fit different calibers.

How does a laser boresight work?

A laser boresight works by projecting a beam of light down the barrel of a firearm, helping align the bore with the sights or scope. It uses magnetic mounts, arbors, or adapters to attach to the firearm. Safety precautions, like ensuring an unloaded firearm, should always be followed.

What are the benefits of using a laser boresight?

Using a laser boresight offers several advantages. It is easy to use, saving time when sighting in a firearm. It can be used for initial sight-in or to check zero after travel or cleaning. Additionally, it reduces the amount of live ammunition needed for sighting in and is versatile for use on different firearms and calibers.

How accurate is a laser boresight compared to other sighting methods?

Laser boresights are generally quite accurate, though the quality of the product matters. They are quicker and easier to use compared to iron sights or scopes. However, they may not be as precise as telescopic scopes. Following instructions and practicing good technique is important for optimal results.


A laser boresight is a device that uses a laser to precisely guide a firearm to the target. It is typically used for firearm training, as it allows for more accurate shots. The technology behind laser boresights is based on the science of optics. It uses lasers to create an image of the target on a screen or reticle. This helps shooters aim and fire their firearms more accurately. Strikeman makes one of the most accurate and reliable laser boresights in the market. If you are looking for a quality firearm training aid, make sure to check out our selection!

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