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Exploring the Features of Strikeman Laser Cartridge: A Comprehensive Review

Exploring the Features of Strikeman Laser Cartridge: A Comprehensive Review

Back in the day, if you were looking for a way to improve your shooting skills, you needed to be willing to spend a fortune on shooting range fees or get a friend to teach you and spend a fortune on ammunition.

Thankfully, you can improve your shooting skills significantly these days without spending a ridiculous amount of money on live rounds that you'll just waste anyway since you are still learning to shoot.

All you need to get better at shooting these days is a dry-fire training system coupled with the Strikeman Laser Cartridge.

The Strikeman Laser Cartridge is designed to be compatible with most firearms and emits a laser beam that is harmless to humans and stays on long enough for you to see where you hit with your shot when practicing.

The Strikeman Laser Cartridge is easy to use and allows you to practice dry-fire training anywhere you want.

In this article, we explore the features of Strikeman's Laser Cartridge and how it can help you become a more accurate and effective shooter.

What Is the Strikeman Laser Cartridge, and How Does It Work?

Laser cartridges allow firearms owners to practice firearm training with any laser-receiving device, including simulators and dry-fire systems like the Strikeman Dry-Fire System.

The Strikeman Laser Cartridge is a battery-powered, bullet-like device that replaces the live round in your firearm. This device has a brass casing that imitates the size and shape of a real cartridge.

However, it also comes with a rubber O-ring that seals the chamber of your gun and prevents any damage to your firing pin.

The Strikeman Laser Cartridge works by emitting a red laser beam that is safe for human contact when the trigger is depressed. This laser beam helps to simulate the impact of a bullet on your target.

The best part about the Strikeman Laser Cartridge is that it comes with a free companion app that makes it easier for you to track your progress and shortcomings.


All firearms work properly with the Strikeman laser cartridge with the exception of the firearms listed below:

  • Ruger SR series
  • Ruger LCP2
  • Walther PPK
  • Walther CCP
  • Beretta AX100
  • Beretta 92X Centurion
  • Marlin 336
  • SAA 1873 Replica
  • Winchester Model 54

    For firearm owners with shotguns, the 12 gauge laser cartridge gets ejected when the shotgun is racked. It is recommended that anyone getting the 12 gauge laser cartridge get several 12 gauge cartridges for convenience.

    The Tanfoglio 9mm barrel is too tight for Strikeman's regular 9mm laser bullet. Therefore, getting a .380 ACP laser cartridge for this gun is recommended.


    The Strikeman Laser Cartridge comes in various popular calibers for convenience and increased compatibility with almost any gun.

    Some of the available sizes are:

    • 9 mm
    • .30 ACP
    • .40 S&W
    • .38 Special
    • .357 Sig
    • .233/5.56

    Strikeman's laser bullets are designed to have a rim to ensure that they don't get ejected after firing. The Strikeman Cartridge is safe for your firearm and does not cause any damage to the firing pin after your training sessions.

    Strikeman ensures safety by including a rubber button pad at the back of the laser cartridge to safely absorb the impact of the firing pin while triggering the laser to strike during a dry-fire session.

    You can use the Strikeman Laser Cartridge with different triggers, such as single-action, double-action, striker-fired, and more.

    How Does It Work?

    The Strikeman Dry-Fire Training System is designed to eliminate the need for live ammunition during firearms training. It emits a red laser beam when the trigger is pulled. This laser beam is visible for a brief moment, long enough for you to see where your shot would have landed on your target.

    The Strikeman Laser Cartridge is powered by batteries that typically last about 3,000 shots. The rubber O-ring at the back prevents it from falling out of the chamber, and the rest of its body is made from brass.

    The Strikeman Laser Cartridge contains a switch that activates its laser when the firing pin strikes it. The device is sensitive enough to activate even with the slightest trigger movement. However, it is not overly sensitive that it gets activated by accident.

    How to Use the Strikeman Laser Cartridge

    To use the Strikeman Laser Cartridge, insert the device into the chamber of your gun and close the action. Then you aim and fire at your target by pulling the trigger. Ensure you practice safe gun handling while using the laser cartridge, as anything you do during dry-fire training will likely translate to live-fire training situations.

    When you pull the trigger, you will see a laser dot on the target, indicating where your shot would have hit the target if it had been a live bullet. Before you begin a dry-fire exercise, set up your practice area appropriately.

    Use the Strikeman app on your mobile phone to help track your virtual shots on the target.

    Key Features of the Strikeman Laser Cartridge

    If you purchase the Strikeman Dry-Fire Laser Training System, you can expect the following:

    • A paper target
    • A target stand
    • A tripod with a head designed to hold most smartphones
    • Free mobile app for your smartphone
    • Laser Cartridge in the desired caliber

    The Strikeman Laser Cartridge is rimless, which allows you to rack your slide without popping out the laser bullet after every shot. The Strikeman Laser Cartridge is manually fed into the firearm's chamber before a training session.

    You can easily set up the target, tripod, and laser cartridge by following the video instruction in the Strikeman app. To make this system work, all you need is an indoor or outdoor space with at least 3 feet of clear sight between the phone – mounted on a tripod and the target.

    What Are the Benefits of Using the Strikeman Laser Cartridge?

    The Strikeman Laser Cartridge is useful for anyone looking to improve their shooting skills and save money on ammunition.

    Here are some of the benefits that the laser cartridge offers:

    • This device allows you to practice dry-firing from the comfort of your home or anywhere that you choose without the hassle of noise, recoil, or risk of injury.
    • When used in conjunction with the Strikeman app, the Strikeman laser bullet can help you improve your trigger control, grip, stance, sight alignment, and other shooting fundamentals.
    • You get instant feedback on your shot accuracy and shot placement.
    • It saves you money on ammo and range fees.
    • It allows you to train using your own gun and trigger system. This enhances your muscle memory when handling a loaded firearm.
    • The app makes this device fun to use with gamified features included.

    Are There Any Disadvantages of Using the Strikeman Laser Cartridge?

    Although it is highly effective, there are a few things to consider:

    • This device cannot simulate the recoil of a live round or muzzle flash, two important factors in live shooting scenarios.
    • If your practice space is too bright, it may become a bit difficult to see the laser beam. Also, if your target surface is too reflective, the laser beams may bounce off.
    • Some firearms may not accommodate the laser cartridge as snugly as expected.

    App Functionality of the Strikeman Dry-Fire System

    The Strikeman app uses your phone's camera to track each shot fired in real-time to tell you where you hit the target. You can set up your session to run for a specific number of shots or a specific time frame.

    You can shoot the target from right behind your phone. While the Strikeman application system has a detection range of up to 100 yards, the optimal training distance is between 5-25 yards.

    One thing to note is that the app depends on your phone's camera's ability to pick up the laser hits on the paper target. So a bad or dirty camera lens may interfere with your results.

    Note: The application does not allow you to start any training session without first answering a few safety questions. This ensures you and those around you are safe during your training sessions.

    One vital rule to handling a gun is to ensure that there is no live ammunition in your gun (or anywhere near it) before and after the training session.

    Accuracy of the Strikeman Laser Cartridge

    Many users of the Strikeman Laser System have reported that the app recorded a majority of the shots fired from their gun using the laser cartridge.

    Besides keeping track of your current session, the Strikeman application also keeps your training history using graphs showing your speed and target distribution score. This lets you know which areas of your gun handling require more training.

    It is important to note that the Strikeman Laser Cartridge works best in double-action guns. This is because any gun that does not reset its trigger after each shot will need you to rack the slide, cock the hammer, or pull the charging handle before every shot.


    The Strikeman Dry-Fire Training System is useful for beginner shooters and veterans who want to practice dry-firing at home or anywhere without needing live ammo. This device can help you improve your shooting skills in the safest way possible while helping you save on ammo and shooting range fees.

    We hope this blog post has been insightful on the use cases, benefits, and features of the Strikeman Laser Cartridge.

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