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Advancing Your Skills: The Benefits of Advanced Firearms Training

Advancing Your Skills: The Benefits of Advanced Firearms Training | Strikeman Dry-Fire Training Systems

Safety and self-defense remain paramount requirements for anyone living in a modern society, which makes mastering the art of firearms handling a responsibility, not a choice.

Whether you are a seasoned shooter with years of experience under your belt or a novice who just completed a basic firearms training course, the benefits of advanced firearms training to your skill is insurmountable.

It does not matter if you are training to become a competitive shooter or law enforcement officer; advanced firearms training can drastically improve your skills and make you a more confident shooter.

At Strikeman, we understand the importance of advancing your skills. In this article, we explore the advantages of enrolling in an advanced firearms training program.

An Overview of Advanced Firearms Training

Advanced Firearms Training (AFT) is a training program that builds on the concepts of a basic firearms training program to teach tactical shooting and weapons handling techniques under stress. In some firearms training schools, it is called advanced tactical firearms training.

Most advanced firearms training courses are designed for experienced shooters who already possess a solid foundation of firearms operation and safety. Advanced firearms training courses typically teach you how to respond to real-world threat scenarios in a live-fire environment.

It is common for advanced firearms training programs to incorporate different kinds of firearms in the programs, including rifles, shotguns, pistols, and even machine guns in some cases.

The goal is to ensure that you develop a defensive and offensive mindset that relies on everything you know about tactical firearms operation and handling.

Benefits of Advanced Firearms Training (AFT)

Improved Safety and Confidence

Advanced firearms training programs expose you to shooting scenarios that you typically will not be subjected to in basic firearms training programs.

Advanced firearms training programs have zero tolerance for errors in gun safety and handling, which is why a major emphasis is laid on firearms safety training.

Advanced gun safety training allows you to become adept in handling firearms, and this translates to enhanced confidence in your gun safety and handling.

Handling firearms confidently while following safety protocols reduces the likelihood of accidents.

Enhanced Accuracy and Speed

The firearms training drills offered at AFT programs sharpen your accuracy and improve your draw and shooting speed. Advanced training programs focus on drills and programs that help you hit your target accurately and in record time.

It doesn’t matter if you are training to become a competitive shooter, proficient hunter, or simply learning how to shoot for self-defense purposes. Advanced training programs push you to your limit and beyond.

Weapon Familiarity and Flexibility

Unlike most basic firearms training programs, advanced firearms training incorporates various firearms in your training program to push you to be familiar with a variety of firearms and make you a versatile shooter.

By training with different kinds of live ammunition, you become a more capable shooter who knows how to get the best out of most firearms.

This means even if the gun you hold in a real-life scenario does not belong to you, you are likely to be familiar with its operation due to your AFT.

Improve Situational Awareness

Becoming a proficient shooter is not only about pulling the trigger and calling it a day. Situational awareness is a critical aspect of advanced firearms training as it teaches you to take advantage of your environment and be aware of your target’s situational advantage at any time.

Situational awareness is an important skill to possess for self-defense and offensive situations as well. Only advanced firearms training programs can teach you the fundamentals of situational awareness with practical use cases.

Tactical Skills

Advanced firearms training programs are designed to take your shooting skills beyond the shooting range. These programs delve deep into tactical skills such as dynamic shooting, clearing rooms, cover and concealment techniques, and lots more.

These tactical skills help to maintain control in high-stress situations and can be the deciding factor between life and death in life-threatening circumstances.

Tactical firearms training drills teach skills like moving while using cover effectively and handling weapons mishaps while under situational stress. It’s basically like taking a glimpse into what it feels like to be on a SWAT team.

Stress Immunization

In real-life scenarios, stress can be the deciding factor between a shooter who shoots effectively and one who loses their cool. Advanced training programs prepare you for these kinds of training sessions by incorporating stressors into your firearms training drills.

The goal is to make you immune to stress or better manage the pressure of being in an actual shootout and still be able to shoot your gun accurately and effectively. Stress immunization helps to reduce the decision-making process in high-stress situations and allows you to rely on your gun-handling habits.

Specialized Skills

Apart from the fundamental skills that advanced firearms training helps to develop and improve, AFT also teaches some specialized firearms handling skills.

Below are some of the skills that some programs may offer:

Weapon Retention

In high-stress situations, it is not uncommon for you to lose your weapon to the enemy. As you can imagine, this is not something you want to happen when you are in a defensive situation.

Many advanced firearms training programs teach you how to keep your firearm in your possession, even in situations where someone is trying to forcefully take it away from you. This skill is not typically taught in a basic firearms training course.

Some of the techniques typically taught include:

  • Orient technique
  • Initiate technique
  • Defense technique
  • Neutralize

Low-Light Shooting

Not everyone can shoot in low light, and that's because not everyone who knows how to shoot has learned the techniques required to shoot in low light conditions. Statistically, most burglaries occur at night. Therefore, it is critical to learn how to shoot accurately in low light.

Advanced firearms training courses teach you how to fire your weapon accurately in low light while ensuring the safety of your loved ones or people around you.

Some techniques for shooting in low light include:

  • The Harries flashlight technique
  • The Neck index technique
  • FBI flashlight technique

Shooting While in Motion

The ability to shoot a firearm accurately while moving around in high-stress situations is a skill that is underrated but hard to master and implement in real-life shooting scenarios. However, it is a very important skill in self-defense, as most people typically don’t wait around to get shot at.

Advanced firearms training teaches you how to shoot accurately while in motion and helps you turn it into a baked-in habit.

Make Better Use of a Dry-Fire Training System

One major advantage of dry-fire training systems like the ones designed and manufactured by Strikeman is that we allow you to practice very complex firearms training drills without the risk of hurting someone or something with live ammunition.

Advanced firearms training requires you to push your shooting skills to the limit, and what better way to keep practicing and pushing yourself than with dry-fire training systems using laser cartridges with your current firearm?

Tips on Finding the Best Advanced Firearms Training Course for You

If everything you have read about the benefits of firearms training interests you, the next thing on your mind might be, "How do I find a good advanced firearms training course?”

Here are some tips to help you find an effective and safe advanced firearms training program:

  • Ensure that you look for a course that a qualified instructor or an accredited firearms training school teaches. Your instructor should typically be certified by a reputable organization like the National Rifle Association (NRA) or the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA).
  • Write out a list of skills that you are interested in learning or advancing further, and make sure that any advanced training course you pick covers all of those skills. For instance, if low-light shooting is important to you, then make sure the course you choose covers that topic.
  • Most courses these days have their reviews online. Take the time to research the course you are interested in and see how other people feel about the program. If possible, you can ask people who are currently taking the course to get a feel of what to expect.


Advanced firearms training programs are valuable investments in your safety and security and can help elevate your current shooting skills to the next level, making you a proficient and confident marksman.

An advanced firearms program equips you with the skills, knowledge, mindset, and situational awareness required to handle firearms effectively and safely.

One thing that keeps many people away from learning and mastering some advanced firearms shooting techniques is their access to live ammunition and a shooting range.

At Strikeman, we believe that firearms training should be accessible and safe for everyone. This is why our dry-fire training systems come bundled with everything you need to practice advanced firearms shooting techniques in the comfort of your living room or even backyard.

Are you ready to take your shooting skills to the next level?

Seek out an advanced firearms training program today and pair it with one of our dry-fire systems. The results will blow you away!

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