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Choosing the Right 9mm Laser Trainer: A Buyer's Handbook

Choosing the Right 9mm Laser Trainer: A Buyer's Handbook

The use of dry-fire training systems that use 9mm laser cartridges or similar setups is now commonplace in most firearms training centers and homes.

Plus, the prevalence of these 9mm laser trainers has caused the firearms training market to become flooded with different kinds, and it has become quite difficult to differentiate between effective dry-fire 9mm laser trainers and less-than-ideal ones.

This article serves as a comprehensive buyer's handbook for anyone looking to get a new 9mm laser trainer for firearms training.

In this article, we discuss key considerations when selecting the right 9mm laser training system to drastically improve your firearms training experience.

Understanding Why You Need a Reliable 9mm Laser Trainer

Before deciding to go for a 9mm laser trainer, it is important to know why you need one. 9mm laser trainers are safe and cost-effective alternatives to live-fire training, which allow you to practice your shooting drills without the need for live ammunition and a training range in some cases.

A 9mm training module is able to provide realistic and interactive firearms training experiences to ensure your training is effective and cost-effective. Additionally, 9mm laser training systems are cheaper than live firearms to operate, and they are much safer as they do not discharge any live ammunition.

Laser training systems make it easy to practice advanced firearms training techniques without worrying about accidentally causing injury to yourself or those around you.

They are also great for mastering the basics of firearms handling techniques and forming good firearms handling habits.

Now that you understand why you may need one of these systems, let's discuss the factors to consider when choosing the right 9mm laser trainer for your firearms training.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a 9mm Laser Trainer

Accuracy and Precision

Some laser trainers are more precise and accurate than others. The better a 9mm laser trainer is able to replicate the accuracy and precision of live-fire shooting, the better it will be to train with and the better it will be at improving your marksmanship.

Typically, you want a laser trainer that offers consistent laser placement and effectively mimics the bullet impact speed of live rounds.

The best kinds of dry-fire laser training systems are those that offer instantaneous laser emission when the trigger is pulled. This minimizes the time between the trigger pull and seeing the point of impact on a target.

It also helps to ensure that you develop good habits for things like shot placement, trigger control, follow-through, target transition, and lots more.

Durability and Build Quality

One of the major advantages of using a 9mm laser training for your dry-fire training sessions is that it allows you to train consistently for several hours without the need to reload and while ensuring as little training fatigue as possible.

Any 9mm laser training you choose must be able to withstand multiple rigorous use cases and still maintain its pristine condition.

Plus, ensure that whatever 9mm laser trainer you decide to go with is designed to protect the firing pin of your gun by featuring a protective rubber coating on the bottom of the laser training bullet.

Visible Laser or Infrared Laser

If you are very particular about having visual feedback for every shot you fire, then by all means, go for a 9mm laser trainer that emits a visible red laser beam when the trigger is pulled.

However, if you prefer to only have the feedback system actuated by receiving no help from a visible red laser beam, then a dry-fire laser training system featuring infrared laser beams may be the best option for you.

For instance, the laser training cartridge designed and manufactured by Strikeman features a rimless laser bullet that doesn't eject after it is fired, and the back of the laser bullet comes installed with a rubber button pad that dampens the force from the firing pin of your gun.

Ease of Installation

Some 9mm laser trainers can be quite complicated to install and use, and this might make it difficult to stay consistent or even begin training with them in the first place.

Some may even require extensive infrastructure for them to work, and if you simply need a system with which you can practice anytime and anywhere, then you need to keep it as simple as possible.

The ideal 9mm laser trainer should be easy to install and remove from the firearm. By picking a laser trainer that utilizes a simple setup process, you can spend more time training to improve your firearms handling skills and habits.

Most 9mm laser trainer systems have their installation guide outlined on their website, so check it out before making a purchase.

Recoil Enabled

Typically, 9mm laser training systems do not come with recoil-simulating features. However, several laser training systems now come as SIRT (shot indicating resetting trigger) pistols that can simulate firearm recoil when fired using a type of gas-powered cartridge that does not contain any live ammunition.

One major criticism that dry-fire laser training systems have had over the years is that they are not realistic enough, as they do not provide the powerful recoil typically experienced during the operation of live ammunition.

This is no longer the case, as some laser trainers now feature recoil-simulating systems that take the firearms training experience to the next level.

Ensure you choose a laser trainer with recoil features if recoil is important to you and your firearms training goals.

These laser training guns typically have the laser emitting mechanism designed as an integrated unit and use a self-resetting trigger to mimic the operation of a loaded gun.


Not every 9mm laser trainer works with every type of firearm. If your firearm doesn't use live 9mm ammunition in the first place, ensure that the dry-fire laser training cartridge you decide on is compatible with your gun.

Thankfully, Strikeman's laser cartridge comes in a variety of designs and specifications and is designed to work with various types of guns.

Feedback Mechanism

One very important aspect of any kind of training is feedback. Feedback ensures that you know how well you are performing in your training and what aspects of your training still need improvement. Many 9mm laser trainers offer real-time feedback as a feature and make it easy to track your firearms training performance in real-time.

The Strikeman dry-fire laser training systems work in conjunction with the Strikeman app, which serves as a shot-tracking and real-time feedback system. The Strikeman app also offers fun features like firearms drill suggestions, game mode, and dry-fire training virtual tournaments.

Battery Life

Typically, most 9mm laser trainers come with batteries powerful enough to last for several dry-fire training rounds without needing to charge or change the batteries. However, it is still important for you to check the manufacturer's website for the laser training system you want to buy to learn more about the power source and how long the system lasts before needing a recharge or swap.

If you prefer to perform long-lasting training sessions at a given time, make sure you choose a training system with a reliable power source. The Strikeman laser cartridge comes equipped with three (3) button cell batteries to ensure longevity and uninterrupted training sessions.

Strikeman Dry-Fire Laser Firearm Training System

The dry-fire laser training systems developed by Strikeman feature many of the factors highlighted above, making it one of the best 9mm laser training systems on the market.

Strikeman's dry-fire training systems come with a 9mm laser cartridge, multiple targets, and a Strikeman app for real-time feedback, shot tracking, analysis, and drill suggestions.

The laser cartridge featured in Strikeman's laser training systems allows you to fire your firearm continuously without needing to reload when using a double-action firearm.

The instantaneous nature of the laser actuation system in the laser cartridge makes Strikeman's dry-fire training system an effective alternative to live fire training. Learn how you can build a structured firearms training program using our 9mm dry-fire laser trainers.


For anyone serious about taking their marksmanship to the next level, then investing in the right 9mm laser trainer is a game changer that can completely revolutionize the way you train. A 9mm laser trainer typically comprises 9mm laser cartridges, interactive targets, and a feedback system.

These dry-fire training systems allow you to practice your firearms handling and shooting skills without the need for live ammunition and help you perform firearms training drills from the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose.

Some of the things to look out for when deciding on a 9mm laser trainer include compatibility with your gun, accuracy and precision, durability, ease of installation and use, battery life, and the presence of a feedback system.

Picking the right laser training system, like the ones offered by Strikeman, ensures that you can make informed decisions on the best ways to improve your firearms skills based on the information provided by the real-time feedback system that typically comes with some laser trainers.

Check out our blog collection to learn more about how dry-fire training systems can help improve your firearms handling skins in unprecedented ways.

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