Strikeman Pro Advanced Laser Firearm Training System (No Cartridge)
Strikeman Pro Advanced Laser Firearm Training System (No Cartridge)

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Strikeman Pro Advanced Laser Firearm Training System (No Cartridge)

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Practice Drills

Get started with a variety of drills to improve your speed and accuracy.

Four Training Modes

Choose from four training modes designed around specific skills and challenges.

Improve Your Accuracy

Single and multiple targets help you improve accuracy. For an added challenge, play with variables such as lighting conditions and distance from the target.

Increase Shot Time Speed

The app's built-in timer and game modes help you increase speed while adjusting settings.

Beat Personal Records

Strikeman keeps you engaged and helps you track progress across a variety of metrics.

Accuracy Improvement Graphs

Strikeman helps you see progress clearly with simple, accurate visuals.

Shot Time Improvement Graphs

Track your speed progress over time with the app's built-in graphs and data tools.

Shot Grouping Visuals

Shot grouping data gives you helpful info such as areas of the target your shots hit most and least often.

View Past Training Sessions

Your training sessions are stored in the app to help you track progress over time.

Competition Drills

Engage in a variety of competition drills to test your skills against another shooter.

Four Competition Game Modes

Multiple competition modes let you face off against a competitor online or in person.

Earn Points and Badges for Accuracy and Speed

Get rewarded for your proficiency in accuracy and speed.

Create Matches and Tournaments

Launch your own tournaments or matches with different variables such as range, timer and firearm.

Earn Your Rank at the Top of the Leaderboard

Challenge yourself to rise to the top of the leaderboard in average score, average shot time and total points.

What's Included?

Laser Cartridge


Target Stand (44"wx41"h)


Strikeman Target Sheets (44"wx34"h)


Strikeman Pro Smartphone Tripod


Screws and Target Clips


Target Base Feet


Rope and Tie Dows


Access to the Strikeman Pro App

Download from Apple Store or Google Play

Our 15 Day Guarantee

It only took me 10 days practicing daily to learn how to shoot a bullseye from 30 feet, 90%  of the time. Gamechanger.